Vision, Mission and Values


"Building homes and hearts for eternity"

At A.A.Chowhan, we believe in delivering consistent high quality projects, while enabling long-lasting relationships based on trust. In India, the process of building a home is synonymous with the sentiments of longevity, peace, trust and happiness. At A.A.Chowhan, we aim to be a part of this journey: our belief systems stem from a desire to deliver Quality and Respect our clients’ dreams. Trust is an ethos embedded into everything we do and stand for.


To provide the most comprehensive construction services for the community.

To complete the project with highest quality, on time and within the budget.

To continually improve the competences of our team and make them proud to work at “A.A.Chowhan Group”.



At A.A.Chowhan, these five core values define the company culture:

  1. Consistent high quality: We strike the crucial cost-quality balance in two significant ways—we always use good quality materials, and ensure rigorous supervision of the workmanship. This allows us to keep costs low without ever resorting to the use of low-grade materials.
  2. Integrity: We rarely deviate from the scope of work outlined, and ensure we meet client expectations to the T. Equally critical is our strict adherence to timeline-driven deliveries.
  3. Customer-centered approach: Taking a cue from our parent company--the 1968-founded Hindustan Waterproofing Co--A.A.Chowhan has continued to augment and expand relationships across generations within the same client families and companies. Building a trust-based relationship becomes rather crucial, and forms the root of the most significant impact: for the client to feel assured that her/ his property would be developed with the highest quality materials and to see it delivered within the promised timeframe. Moreover, they are also assured of a strong after-sales support, thereby completing the cycle with a secure transaction and a pleasant experience.
  4. Employee ownership and empowerment: Our people have the ability and desire to build exciting and challenging projects. They possess the drive to excel and the willingness to take on new and unique responsibilities. We are taking initiatives; We explore innovative ideas; We seek better solutions; and We provide the opportunity and encouragement to commit to quality and excellence.
  5. Teamwork and Employee Loyalty: Our customer-loyalty preference also extends back home to our employees. In the era of multiple job changes, most of our employees have been with us for years, while newer employees continue exhibit the same sentiments of loyalty. We believe in working together and synthesizing the strengths of our qualified team into each project.
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